Design and Development

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Whatever your project, Alpha CTI can offer a cost effective solution for your  requirement, and can supply product from populated PCBs’ to fully assembled product.

We can assist you through the development cycle, and manage the whole process, or supply 1 off prototypes or successive development iterations as required.

We can also assist with the definition of the product specification if your project is conceptual, or a new market investigation.

Previous Designs Include

  • Test control board incorporating CPLD address and data decoding.
  • Boost converter charge controller for marine solar R&D project.
  • Voltage to frequency converter for aerospace sensor application.
  • Labview controlled relay matrix continuity tester

Services Offered

  • Full turnkey delivered product or proof of concept prototypes.
  • Schematic capture
  • PCB design capability
  • Embedded design capability
  • Enclosure and mechanical design capability